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mindy (the one, that asked Barry if he learned "Strokin'"

February 4, 2011

I heard you all contacted "MJ's Bar and Grill" in Mooresville. Is that right? I put in a good word for you, hope they book you all!!!

linda price

February 4, 2011

yah are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy, Nancy & Jayme

January 23, 2011

Had a great time at Amicis last night. You guys always put on a great show! Can't wait to have you at our house in May!!!

Mark Tomei

January 23, 2011

You guys are great and are one of the best bands that Deb and I have seen. Thanks for inviting us to Amici's in Concord. The show was outstanding. Ya'll have us hooked.

Pam N.

January 11, 2011

Hey guys, I haven't seen you guys in quite a while. Guess it's RTC withdrawals. Can't wait til Stooge's and Tailgators. Take care and I'll see you real soon. Love you guys.

C F Miller

December 30, 2010

Great pic album. Best wishes for your continued success!

Linnie & Eddie Helms

December 27, 2010

You guys are the Best Ever. We absolutely love you. Great music, great guys. Will look forward to hearing you again soon.

Bubba & Sheila

December 19, 2010

12/18/10, Had a great time at the Elks Club. You guys are awesome and we ALL had a great tme.Look forward to see more of you in the future. Merry Christmas and thanks again for being the Showmen you are!

Scott Crisp

December 13, 2010

Hey Tony,
Enjoyed you guys show at tailgators on Saturday nite. Will definitely have to catch you boys again.

Jimmy & Nancy

December 12, 2010

Had a great time at Tailgators last night. The acoustic show turned out well. You guys sound always!

Diane Thomas

December 5, 2010

Thanks for a GREAT job last night!!! Everyone had a blast! Hope to do the same next year and to keep up with your schedule and see yall before then! Everyone bragging on yall today! Thanks again

Diane Thomas

December 1, 2010

Looking forward to Sat. Dec.4th- see yall then

Shawn Ridenhour

November 28, 2010

Awesome band!


November 28, 2010

My wife and I saw your band last night and I truely have to say you guys are the BEST! I've been in the music business for most of my life and to hear a band with the talent, incredible harmony, dynamics and a song selection most bands would not dare attempt is such a treat for me! You guys are by far the BEST local band I've ever seen in the Carolinas! Thanks for a wonderful night! You have a new fan! Carson

Ginny Thomasson

November 28, 2010

Heard you guys for the 1st time at Friends in Belmont last night and am still talking about the show today!! The talent you guys possess is amazing!! I loved every song and can't wait to make another show.

Larri ann

November 27, 2010

Loved you guys at friends! Can t wait to hear ALL your songs! Keep up the great work.

Uncle Walt & Aunt Ruth

November 14, 2010

You guys are Really great, thanks for playing "Rocky Top" for us, wish you could make it up our way for some gigs, I know it's too far..Take care Love Us


November 13, 2010

You quys did a great job last night at Stooges. Look forward to hearing you play again soon!

Ken S.

November 13, 2010

Great show guys! I had to leave before you were done but was diggin it! Look forward to seeing you play again! The guitarist was awesome and I love that Les Paul!

Pam N.

November 13, 2010

Just wanted to send you guys some pictures I took at Stooge's. You guys are just the most awesome 5 guys I know. I have such a great time listening to all of you. Love you all so much..


November 7, 2010

Loved hearing you guys at Tailgators and at the Dennis Vineyard event. You are awesome!

Ken Squires

November 6, 2010

Great meeting you last night at Mitch & Lori's. Been checking out your band. Great stuff! Looking forward to Stooges next week.

Bill Trecartin/ AR Outlaw Jerky

November 4, 2010

My wife and I saw you guys at the Dennis Vinyards on 10/30 and you were just awesome! We look forward to seeing you again.

Robert H.

November 2, 2010

Made the trip from Mocksville to Dennis Vineyards to hear you guys play again. It was worth the ride! You guys continue to play songs I haven't heard you play, and you always sound great! If you looking for a new selection in the future, may I suggest Rough Boy ( by ZZ TOP of course!)It's one of my wifes favorites. Looking forward to seeing you again real soon. Keep on rockin!


October 31, 2010

Ditto to what Peggy said! You all were fantastic! Great to see each of you!

P. Artz

October 30, 2010

Just got back from Dennis Vineyards and can only say WOW! Did not think that you could get any better but you proved me wrong. Your new songs are great. Hopefully can see you again before the end of the year!!!

k reynolds

October 27, 2010

These guys are GREAT !!! The best band around !!! So good !

Peggy A.

October 21, 2010

Looking forward to seeing you at Dennis Vineyards. You guys are wonderful and would encourage anyone looking to hear the best music around to book you, it will be an experience they will never forget!!! Thanks for making my life a little brighter.


October 20, 2010

Had a awesome time at tailgator last thursday for my girlfriends 40th birthday !! keep up the great work cya yall soon !! take care

Christina S.

October 18, 2010

You guys really put on a great show at Amici's last Saturday. We really enjoyed listening to the variety of music that was played and it looks like you have some new followers. Can't wait until you come back!!!

Pam Howell

October 17, 2010

Another great performance last night at Amici's. Yall are great. Got us on the dance floor as usual. Thanks!!!


September 27, 2010

Heard you Thursday night at Tailgators. You guys are GREAT!!! Can't say that I've been that entertained by a band in years.

Pam N.

September 26, 2010

Hey all. You guys are the best. I try to be at every show. Sometimes it just don't work out that way but, I look forward to every one that I get to be there for. Had a good time with you all Sat. in Stallings. You guys ROCK and I love you all. And, by the way, that lead singer from Stallings was awesome too. LOL You're the greatest.


September 6, 2010

This is in answer to the comment below. The two guitar playing brothers we have in this band is the reason for the great balance in sound. We are very picky about sounding good and to all the people who get a little pissed when they are there early and have to sit through sound check with endless drum hits and check 1 2 3 forever, this is the reason. Every note you hear is made live by us, no fake stuff here. It takes a little more time but to people like Tom, it is soooo worth it! Thanks Tom! The Vanhoy brothers are the best!

Tom DiGiovanni

September 6, 2010

Y'all are one of the tightest bands I've ever heard. How do you get such balanced sound without an active sound man? Great playlist and flawless execution. My wife and I have heard y'all several times at I Don't Care and always come away Blown Away! Thanks

The BaZman

August 27, 2010

Hey Guys! "You guys really are friggin' great!!!" By far the best band that I have seen/heard since I've moved back "5 yrs." ago here to the "good Ol' Carolina's!"

Ed Curlee

August 14, 2010

Caught your show at Locust last night and it was great... Very impressive sounds and showmanship. Thanks for a wonderful evening of entertainment. Hope to see you guys again very soon!

Steve & Lori Roberts

August 13, 2010

Had a great time in Locust tonight. Love the group and can't wait to hear you guys again.

Jill Rush

August 13, 2010

I saw the band for the first time on Aug 6th. Was having a drink to start my friend Lauras bday off right. You guys rock:) When you all did an Alabama song you gained a new fan!!!!

Brenda Pope

August 10, 2010

Heard you Friday night at Stooges, you guys were great!

Dent Turner, Jr.

August 3, 2010

Great show and sound Saturday night at Pontiac Point. Looking forward to hearing you again!

Beverly Sinclair

July 31, 2010

Came to see you at the Pontiac Point...You guys were great! Thanks for coming home

Horace Falkner

July 29, 2010

Heard you at Chuck Hester wedding this weekend. You all are great, thanks for the show and dance.

nelson falkner

July 28, 2010

heard yall at chuck hesters wedding in beaufort and yall are great. your music is tight and the blend was perfect i also enjoyed your set list.being a retired bass player of 40 years i know when i hear the real thing

Mike Hester

July 28, 2010

Just heard R.T.C. at my son's wedding reception July 24th in Beaufort,NC. They were absolutely professional from beginning to end. Everyone I spoke with was super impressed with the band's never-ending set list and wide range of musical styles including beach, southern rock, classic rock, and even great covers of the Stones. I'm sure they are capable of more than I heard but they do a great job of measuring crowd response and playing to the crowd. This is a must hear (and see) band.

Cindy R

June 26, 2010

You guys sounded great tonight at Mint Hill. You put on a great show. The guy with the "harp" was pretty good too!

Malcolm Eaton

June 26, 2010

My wife and I just got home from your show at June Tunes in Mint Hill and just wanted to tell how much we enjoyed your show. Thanks for coming to Mint Hill.

Marcene Dulin

June 26, 2010

Heard your band for the first time tonight at Mint Hill Townhall. You are great! Loved every minute of it. Hope to attend more of your concerts.

Diana Padgett

June 26, 2010

Hey guys. I was at Bentleys in Belmont a week ago and heard you play. You were awesome! I had a great time listening to your music. We met but you probably don't remember me. I'm the blonde that thought you putting on chapstick was sexy!

Claudette Lanning

June 22, 2010

You GUYS ROCK !!! I have seen the band several times at Bentley's glad no beach music.You can get up and dance or just sit back and enjoy the music.


June 21, 2010

we caught you guys at the Hog Rally on Sat. You are just great, and you didn't let the heat get you down. Keep up the good work!! when are you going to get a CD out???

Robbie and Jean

June 20, 2010

Your band was fantastic at the Hog Rally in Matthews! Your variety is excellent!

Jim S

June 20, 2010

What a weekend we had at the State Hog rally in Charlotte. I travel the country and attend Harley events everywhere and I must say your band was the best thing I've seen in a long time. I've been a musician most of my life and understand the importance of song selection, good harmonies and tightness of the whole band. You guys have it all! I can't get over how well you performed in all that heat! We were fanning ourselves and sweating just sitting there in that 90+ degree heat and you guys were running around like it was nothing. Hats off to whoever booked you for this event! I don't think you could have done better! Best of luck! Jim Semler

mel rabette

June 13, 2010

you guys were awsome at "i don't care"last night. you were more than worth the trip. keep it up & i'll keep dancing. you're friends from norwood.

Rick Harris

May 28, 2010

All of you guys "ROCK" for the years+ I've known each and every one of you. See you soon. Rick

susan yates

May 22, 2010

I heard you guys tonight and you all sounded great So lots of luck

Robert H.

May 17, 2010

I have heard you guys play 4-5 times now and I'm always amazed at your performances. You played several songs at Kelee's party thatI haven't heard you play.The vocals were the best I have heard yet!Also I wanted to thank you for being so nice to my brother Ronnie. Not only a great band but great guys as well! Keep that ZZ Top comming!!!

Brent and Terry

May 16, 2010

Hey guys, My wife and I had dinner at Bentley's Fri. night and heard your sound check and said, wow, this might be good. We usually never stay for the bands but I think we finally left around midnight. We had a great time and your band is great! It never gets old and your variety of songs and all the different singers makes it so unique! We will see you next time!


May 11, 2010

Well it looks like everyone has said what I wanted to say! You guys do Rock! You are by far one of the best bands around! Doesn't matter how many people are there you still rock the house like there are hundreds! Thanks for a great time!


May 11, 2010

Thanks for making my graduation party the best! I had a great time and so did everyone else. You guys are so nice and the music rocks! Thanks to Mike for the song. Everyone loved it! Can't wait to see ya'll again!!!


May 11, 2010

Once again you guys ROCKED the party! You are always top notch no matter where you perform or who you are performing for! Thanks for celebrating Kel's achievement with us!

Peggy A.

May 8, 2010

Well you did it again! You were absolutely fantastic at Kelee's graduation party. Could have listened to you all night long. Feel like you are not only our favorite band but also our friends. Thanks for a wonderful time, we love you guys!

Bill RTC

April 27, 2010

Had a ball at B52's in Mt. Airy Sat! We meet some great new friends, had some great food and played on one "kick Ass" sound system! Thanks for the great time!

Brian S

April 25, 2010

I Word---------WOW!

Tim Crouch

April 25, 2010

Was working off duty security at B52's on 4/24 when I heard you guys. Best band I have heard in a very long time. I believe you need to be on the rotation up there and visit more often.


April 18, 2010

hey u guys were alsome at tailgators my uncle was the one with the kiss belt buccle

David R

April 18, 2010

Let's see, you went from The Temptations to Kiss,Alabama to the Commodores to Bon Jovi to Marvin Gaye. Can't you play a little more variety? "just Kiddin" Your Band was great! Best I've seen in a long time!


April 18, 2010

Great show last night at Tailgators! You guys just get better all the time! We love Tony! He is such a great addition to your Band! See you next month!


April 18, 2010

Hey Bill, I talked to you at Tailgators last night. Just want to say again, awesome show! The music, song selection, vocal harmonies, it was all fantastic! I've played in a lot of bands, traveled the country opening for national acts and you guys are top notch! I wish you the best! You guys are not the average band! You are all gifted with great talent and I hope you go far! Thanks again for a great show! Joel


April 2, 2010

Great sound guys, you just keep getting better and better. Wanted to thank the harmonica player for playing my "train" song, love to hear that train chugging along. You're all great, keep up the good work!!

Adam Harvell

March 31, 2010

YOU ROCK!!!!! tell that Guitar Picker I said hey, and hope that amp is working fine for him.

Good Music is Hard 2 find, but A GREAT BAND IS RIGHT HERE ON THIS PAGE.

#1 friend and Roadie for life.

Rockith on Brothers!!!!

Bobby F.

March 28, 2010

Great job at Locust Spring Fling yesterday. We had a slow day back at our vendor tent but had some of the best music I've heard in a while! Hope to see you around this summer! Great Band!

Tate Osborne

March 28, 2010

Tate, the Parks and Rec. director said "Everyone loved the music! It was really neat to have a ball game going on with music in the back ground. One song the catcher started moon walking on home plate!" Thanks Tate! see ya soon!

Peggy A.

March 27, 2010

Came to see you guys in Locust today and you were awesome as usual! Still holding out that they will book you for the 4th in Faith. You really are the best!!!

J renfrow

March 21, 2010

Hey, saw you at Bentley's last night. I always thought your four piece band was great but WOW! That was incredible! The best thing that ever walked in that door I gar-un-tee! See ya next month!

Bill RTC

March 21, 2010

Thanks Marla! Hey, you book us something up there, we will try to make it! Can we stay at your house?


March 20, 2010

Hey when are you guys coming to Ohio? I think your lead singer is really cute, it must run in the family! lol

Brenda Varner

March 11, 2010

Love the music!


December 18, 2009


Al Sundling

December 17, 2009

You were great for our XMAS party 12/12. Everyone was a pleasure to work with & the music is awesome!

Wendy Armstrong

December 17, 2009

Your band was fantastic at our HOG Chapter Christmas Party! You seem to have as much fun as the guests! Keep rockin' guys! I look forward to seeing you again (I signed up for your email notifications). Have a great 2010!


December 17, 2009

This past Saturday night at the HOG Chapter Christmas party you guys were great. We had a good time and we enjoyed the music.

Steve Grubb

December 16, 2009

I saw and heard RTC this past saturday, Dec 12, at the Kannapolis Shriners where we held our (Speedway Harley Chapter) Chritsmas Party. They were awesome!! Their Forte of music was perfect. Hopefully we'll see more of them in the coming year.


December 16, 2009

I had the time of my life last Saturday night. Thank you for making our HOG Christmas Party the best party this chapter has ever had...

Robin Grubb

December 16, 2009

Great band to really get your heart pumping. They had a excellent hit list of songs they played ... so just get up and dance. They rocked at the Speedway HOG party.

Rhonda Lynn

December 16, 2009

Thanks to you guys our H.O.G. Chapter Christmas party rocked. This was the best HOG event I have ever attended & let me tell you I have been to a lot. Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully you will be at the NC HOG RALLY held at Charlotte Harley Davidson !!!!!

chris and rose

December 16, 2009

My girlfriend and Ihad a great time at the HOG gathering. Hope your keyboard guy survives!

Pat Hill

December 16, 2009

Your band is fantastic! I enjoyed you all this past Saturday at our HOG Chapter Christmas party. Very impressive. :)


November 29, 2009

I am just blown away by how good you guys have become in the past year! Every time I think I see you at your best you just keep getting better! Keep rockin!


November 29, 2009

Wow, you guys are so much better than what you advertise on the web site! Great music, Fantastic harmonies! You can tell you work hard at what you do! Loved it! Dana

Kenzie Brown

November 19, 2009

You guys were great at my Aunt Donna's birthday party in Mocksville. Thanks for coming out to make her birthday special, she really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see you guys play again! We really enjoy coming to your shows. You guys are awesome!


November 18, 2009

Wow, what can I say! Thank you so much for the awesome job you did at my sister Donna's Birthday Party! She had been telling me for a long time how great you guys were and how I had to go with her sometime to see you. I totally understand now! You ROCK! I can't wait to see and hear you again. Your newest fan! Bonnie

Keith Hilton

November 18, 2009

Thanks guys for the great job you did at my sister Donna's Birthday Party on Saturday Night. I enjoyed watching her "Freak Out" when she saw you there! The music was fantastic.....Thanks for making her night really special!


November 17, 2009

Saturday night was absolutely incredible!!! Thanks to Mike for playing my song. And thanks to all of you for such a great time! Can't wait to see ya'll again!!!


November 17, 2009

You did a fantastic job Saturday night! Everyone had a great time! From vocals to instruments, you guys rock! Thanks for a wonderful party!

Peggy A.

November 14, 2009

You guys were wonderful tonight. Hate we missed the beginning of the show but you sure did make it up to us. Thank you for making my best friend Donna's birthday. Thanks also for playing my special song. You guys truly are the best! It is a night that neither she nor I will ever forget!!


November 2, 2009

I hear you make great music. A sound man I know said he worked with ya'll last weekend and you were great. Maybe be can use you next year for our spring bash.

LaDonna aka MaDukes

Bill RTC Band

November 1, 2009

That comment below this one was good. We had to get our trailer towed in and out of the tunnel at Rockingham Speedway because our motor home was to tall to go through. On the way out we were waving at these folks typing on a laptop and they said "we are on your website right now" as we went by. Thanks for everyone that stayed with us and those who didn't make it missed an awesome day! 80 degrees and sunny all day!

Ira Barrett

October 31, 2009

Fella's Y'all were awesome!!! We just saw y'all at the Rockingham Rally at the Rock Motorcycle Rally. In fact we just said goodbye to you as you left in the back of the truck.

Again Y'all were a great band, fantistic harmony, and a wide varity of music. Hope to see y'all again in the future.

God Bless!!

Ira & Laura
Black Stallion Motorcycle Hearse LLC

Saundra A. Golden

October 18, 2009

Hey guys! Keep looking at your web site. Looking to see when you are gonna be playing while I'm home. Seems like never! RTC should come play in VA sometime. They have live bands on the beach every night during the summer. Haven't heard one yet that beats Right Turn Clyde though! Guess you guys are just special! Bill, tell Brenda I said hello and one of these days I will catch a show and hangout with her again! Hope everyone is doing well! Deidra! LOL!
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